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Periodontal Therapy – North Naples, FL

Dentistry That Protects More Than Just Your Teeth

Without consistent oral hygiene at home, your teeth can develop cavities, but your gums can also fall victim to an infection called periodontal disease. Symptoms include bleeding, swelling, sensitivity, and left untreated, it ultimately leads to tooth loss. As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Hoop is able to address both minor and advanced cases of gum disease with periodontal therapy in our North Naples, FL dental office using the most advanced and effective techniques. If any of the symptoms above sound familiar, contact Total Dental Solutions today to get your oral health back on track.

Why Choose Total Dental Solutions for Periodontal Therapy?

Periodontal Disease and Your Health

The bacteria responsible for periodontal disease not only damages the gums themselves, but the roots of the teeth and underlying jawbone as well. This is why periodontal disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss in the U.S.! Plus, research has shown that patients with periodontal disease also tend to suffer from much higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease compared to the general population. It’s believed that the oral bacteria is able to easily enter the bloodstream and cause harm everywhere else in the body.

Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease

Patient pointing to damaged gums before periodontal therapy

The biggest risk factor for periodontal disease is a lack of proper oral hygiene, which allows harmful bacteria to build up in the mouth and the accumulation of tartar (hardened plaque) below the gum line. Other risk factors include:

Scaling & Root Planing

Patient receiving scaling and root planing treatment

The first line of defense against periodontal disease is usually a deep cleaning treatment referred to as scaling and root planing. First, all of the built-up plaque and tartar are removed from the roots of the teeth (scaling), and then the roots of the teeth are reshaped and smoothed (root planing). This helps the gums heal more quickly and gives plaque fewer areas to gather, lowering the risk of future infections.

Antibiotic Therapy

Man holding an antibiotic pill

We can apply a topical antibiotic to the gums to clean small, bacteria-filled pockets that develop during the later stages of periodontal disease. These are virtually impossible to clean with scaling, but we can apply a medicine called Arestin to the gums that quickly dries and then slowly dissolves, bathing the gums in a powerful antimicrobial agent. This allows the medicine to reach the bottom and cleanse even the deepest pockets. 

Gum Grafting

Closeup of healthy smile after gum grafting

Periodontal disease can often cause the gums to recede, or pull back from the teeth. This exposes the sensitive enamel around the roots, making it more prone to decay, plus this can make the teeth appear unnaturally long. Gum grafting involves Dr. Hoop taking a small portion of a patient’s oral tissue and using it to replace the areas where the gum line has receded. This reestablishes much needed protection for the teeth as well as gives someone a more attractive smile. 

Learn About Gum Grafting

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