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Dentures – North Naples, FL

Look Forward to Smiling Again

No one wants embarrassing gaps in their smile. Failing teeth or gaps in your smile affect your overall appearance and even your quality of life. Quality dentures in North Naples, FL look great and improve the function of your mouth. Other denture advantages at our office include:

Full dentures and partials are one of the most common ways to replace large gaps of missing teeth. Dr. Hoop can explain the details and pros and cons of this treatment. Call Total Dental Solutions for Adults today to find out more.

Why Choose Total Dental Solutions for Dentures?

Fill in Smile Gaps With Personalized Solutions

Dr. Hoop uses lifelike materials to design teeth that perfectly match and even improve your smile. New dentures are often the best tooth replacement option for patients who are not dental implant candidates or those who want affordable teeth. If you’re one of the millions of Americans living without teeth, here are the types of dentures we’re offering to enhance smiles:

Some patients can’t stand their removable dentures and want more stability in their teeth. Common complaints of removable dentures include the inability to eat hearty foods and even shifting teeth. To resolve these issues, we proudly offer implant-retained dentures and Fountain of Youth™ dentures. These offer many advantages over other options because they:

Stabilize Teeth With Dental Implants

Model dental implant supported denture

Dental implants require oral surgery, but the treatment is extremely predictable, with about a 98 percent success rate. Dr. Hoop has placed dental implants for more than 25 years. He offers traditional implants and mini dental implants, which are ideal for patients who have significant jawbone recession and don’t want to undergo bone grafts.

We’re using revolutionary 3-D technology to map out the entire procedure so we can locate the most appropriate location for the implants. To make the treatment even more relaxing, our patients can take advantage of safe and comforting sedation dentistry.

The right tooth replacement option depends on your smile goals and budget. We’ll work with you to provide affordable payment options. Call us today to book a consultation for dentures in North Naples.

Learn About Dental Implants

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

Woman learns cost of dentures in North Naples

At Total Dental Solutions for Adults, Dr. George Hoop is always ready to help individuals who are suffering from partial or complete tooth loss. By offering dentures as a viable solution to restore incomplete smiles, he and his team are here to ensure you get the results you need (and deserve) without spending a fortune. While it’s true various factors determine the cost of dentures in North Naples, it’s also accurate that no two cases are alike. For this reason, it’s best not to judge your situation to a neighbor, friend, or family member who also wears dentures. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hoop, you can learn exactly how much you’ll be expected to pay for your new smile.

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures

An upper denture in North Naples

When determining how much your dentures will cost, there are three factors Dr. Hoop will consider when meeting with him for your initial consultation:

  • Do you need any preliminary treatments before receiving dentures? These may include periodontal therapy or tooth extraction if certain teeth are severely decayed and need to be removed.
  • What type of materials will be used to create the base of your denture? Most dentists use acrylic, but the creation of the base as well as the color-matching will incur fees.
  • Will acrylic or porcelain be used to create your artificial teeth?

While it may be tempting to see another dentist who offers materials at a lower price, you shouldn’t jump to accept that offer. Why? Because cheaper isn’t always better, especially when it comes to dental prosthetics. By choosing to pay a bit more for your new smile, you can expect it to last longer and feel more comfortable inside your mouth.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

Woman with implant dentures in North Naples

Yes, it is no surprise that implant dentures cost more upfront than traditional dentures in North Naples; however, when you consider the benefits you’ll receive using permanent prosthetics, it’s well worth the investment. Because the titanium posts used for dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, they create a more stable foundation for your new smile. Once your denture is secured to your implants, you’ll regain significant bite function and chewing power, allowing you to eat all your favorite foods while continuing to stimulate your jawbone and ensure optimal oral health. Not to mention, implant dentures are known to last 30 years or longer with proper care and maintenance.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Man with dentures in North Naples

There is a good chance your dental insurance company will agree to cover a portion of your denture treatment. In fact, if you look at your policy, they may cover anywhere from 50-80% of the total cost depending on if you’ve met your deductible and how much of your annual maximum remains available. If you’re unsure how to navigate your plan or understand exactly how much you can expect to save, our team at Total Dental Solutions for Adults will be happy to help maximize your benefits and get the most savings. We’ll even file your paperwork and claims so you can avoid the stress of juggling the financial component of dental care.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

Patient reviewing payments options in North Naples

Your denture dentist in North Naples wants to keep your treatment affordable, so whether you are insured or not, we also provide the following payment alternatives and specials:

  • $87 Denture ConsultationFor only $87, you can meet with Dr. Hoop to discuss your eligibility for dentures as well as how you can get the most out of your new smile.
  • Direct Dental Savings PlanThis is ideal if you are uninsured, as you can avoid much of the red tape and instead, pay one flat annual fee for access to discounted services.
  • CareCreditThis flexible financing option allows you to break up the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments that fit your budget.

Denture FAQs

Older couple with dentures in North Naples smiling outside

It doesn’t matter if you’re receiving your first denture, you’re due for a replacement, or you’re looking for an implant version instead, Total Dental Solutions is dedicated to answering any and all questions you may have about your upcoming treatment. Feel free to let Dr. Hoop or any of our team members know and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Below, you’ll find some of the more common questions we’ve heard over the years for your convenience.

Emergency Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualifies You for Dentures?

You’ll have three types of dentures to choose from when you visit our office. That includes partial dentures, full dentures, and implant dentures. If you still have most of your teeth, a partial denture may be best. Those who have dental disease, malnutrition, or suffered a dental injury are the most common recipients of a partial denture. In contrast, full dentures are for those missing all the teeth in their top or bottom arches. Severe tooth loss generally occurs as a result of gum disease, bone loss, or other advanced oral health problems. If you’d prefer a more stable and lasting solution, an implant denture is likely best. If you have low jawbone density, a bone graft may be recommended before you can receive dental implants.

What Can’t You Eat with Dentures?

It’s best for you to avoid very sticky foods which can pull dentures out of place. This includes gummy candies, peanut butter, and similar products. On top of being hard to chew, food particles can easily become trapped underneath the denture and irritate the gums. Other foods to avoid include nuts, popcorn, apples, carrots, corn on the cob, and other hard foods that can damage or dislodge dentures. Any foods that require an excessive amount of chewing, such as steak or pork, are also not recommended.

Can I Have My Dentures Relined if They Don’t Fit Properly?

Dentures can require a reline after enough time, either because of wear and tear that changes their shape or missing prosthetic teeth. If the underlying bone structure making up your jaw or your gum line changes, a reline may also be needed. There are two types of relines to choose from: soft relines and hard relines. While soft relines are recommended if your gums are sensitive to the weight of the denture, hard relines are for more extensive changes that require the help of a dental lab. In most cases, relines are not covered by dental insurance, so keep this in mind during your visit.

Can I Use Regular Toothpaste to Clean My Dentures?

Dentures should be brushed and rinsed daily, but using toothpaste can actually leave microscopic scratches on the surface of your dentures. Over time, they can become seriously damaged and even require full replacement. For that reason, you should avoid using toothpaste to clean dentures and instead use a hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid. For a little extra money, you can use specialized denture cleaners. Be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush as well and avoid any brushes with hard bristles. For best results, always clean your denture after a meal.

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